Adjunct Professor in Societal Safety: Radicalization and Extremism

University of Stavanger
October 03 2017
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The University of Stavanger invites applications for a position as Professor II (Adjunct Professor) of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The position is in Societal Safety, Radicalization and Extremism, especially focusing on how to prevent radicalization in the Higher Education sector. The appointee will be given special responsibility for advising the Board of Societal Safety and Emergency Management within Higher education on the topic of prevention of radicalization and extremism.

The position of Professor II constitutes 20 percent of a full position. The appointment is valid for a period of three years and is connected to the professor's main position.The position is externally funded.

Qualifications within the areas of creativity, innovationand commercialization of research will be given emphasis in appointments to academic positions at the university.

The responsibilities comprise research, supervision, teaching, and student assessment related to the field above.

The appointee must be able to document extensive academic qualifications within central areas of the academic field and, through her/his work, to have demonstrated scientific (evartistic) competence within oneor more fields of the discipline.

The appointee should be able to document teaching skills.

The position of Professor II is salaried according to the State SalaryCode, 17.510, code 1013, ltr 69 - 79, of NOK 600.000 - 760.000 per annum. In special cases higher salaries may apply.

The job description contains a more detailed account of academic responsibilities, duties, qualifications and other requirements considered essential for appointment.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess

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