PhD student in the area of Health Technology and Machine Learning

Simula Research Laboratory
October 03 2017
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Full Time
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About Simula

Simula Research Laboratory AS is a publicly owned research institute located at Fornebu outside of Oslo, Norway. It is a multi-cultural organization, employing about 150 individuals from 29 countries. Simula conducts ICT research in the fields of communication technology, scientific computing and software engineering. Simula's main objective is to generate new understanding and create vital knowledge about fundamental scientific challenges that are of genuine value for society. This is achieved through high quality research, education of graduate students, industry collaboration, technology transfer and commercialization.

Since 2001, scientific evaluations conducted by the Research Council of Norway has repeatedly placed Simula at the forefront of international research in ICT. The most recent in-depth evaluation was published earlier this year, grading all research groups at Simula as excellent.

Project Description

Simula Research Laboratory is seeking a PhD student to work in the field of machine learning for societal important topics such as disease detection from videos or images, health predictions based on sensor data, etc. The task will be to look at solutions that both tries to solve the application problem, but also to look at the system from a performance point of view in order to enable real-time feedback. The PhD project is a part of a medical project, looking at a complete end-to-end solution, and will be based on a close collaboration between Simula, UiT - the Arctic university of Norway, and Hospitals in Norway.

The main goal for the PhD is to develop and research machine learning in the context of different application areas with a focus on sequential data and deep learning. The focus is not only on the machine learning algorithms but should be seen in context with performance and system integration ability, meaning that we like to build complete systems.

The host institute of the PhD project is Simula. As there will be collaborations with international research institutions, the PhD student is encouraged to have short research stays there. The PhD student is to enroll in the PhD program of University of Oslo or UiT, and obtain the PhD from the University upon completion.

The contractual period is 3 years. The starting date is as soon as possible.




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