Inter-organizationalcollaboration for competitiveness

October 03 2017
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In a highly competitive scenario,mainly structured between networks rather than between single organizations, inter-organizational collaboration is the only way to gain competitive advantage. The project aims at identifying the conditions able to create and manage inter-organizational networks and relationships in order to increase competitiveness and innovation capacity of the Italian SMEs, by promoting sustainable development approaches at diverse level (economic, social, cultural and environmental). To this purpose, the research will focus on development concepts of service networks, with particular reference to somesectors which are strategic for the Italian economy, such as tourism and cultural heritage, wine tourism and agrotourism, ports and logistics. In addition, collaboration processes between firms, research institutions and other stakeholders will be analyzed, with reference to public-private partnership, knowledge transfer and innovative models of territorial governance.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess