Postdoc position - Biophysics and Bioengineering of cell fate in 3D organoid mechanobiology. Quan...

KU Leuven
October 03 2017
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The Biomechanics Section at KU Leuven is seeking to appoint a highly motivated Postdoctoral researcher. KU Leuven has recently launched 3DMuSyc, a collaborative multidisciplinary project focusing on the role of mechanics in organoid biology. It brings together research groups from Biomedical Sciences and Science, Engineering & Technology, in particular the Leuven Stem Cell Institute, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Chemistry. Expertise ranges from cell and molecular biology, stem cell technology, to cell and matrix mechanics, biosensor and biomaterials development, as well as advanced microscopy and image analysis.

The consortium aims at understanding the role of mechanobiology during differentiation and morphogenesis of different organoid systems: liver, heart, skeletal muscle. The research position aims at developing and implementing an integrated framework for quantifying cellular forces in complex, 3D multicellular culture systems that cover the different applications of the consortium. Specifically, the candidate will integrate molecular force sensors and traction force microscopy in order to understand the forces developed in 3D organoid cultures. In particular, he/she will be involved in the creation of fluorescently-labelled organoids in engineered matrices, imaging of labeled components and force sensors using advanced fluorescence microscopy, and computational analysis of the resulting data to reveal the mechanobiology. The candidate will work in close collaboration with cell and molecular biologists, materials scientists and computational and materials engineers.

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