Reliable operation of hybrid AC/DC power systems in different time frames under uncertainty

KU Leuven
October 03 2017
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Full Time
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The Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT) at KU Leuven offers a PhD position on reliable operation of hybrid AC/DC power systems in different time frames under uncertainty. The Electrical energy & computer architectures ELECTA division covers the broad spectrum of electrical energy systems and robust control of industrial systems. The development of the future smart grid is the key activity.

As the largest research group on electrical energy systems in the Benelux, ELECTA wants to be recognized as a center-of-excellence on these topics, where fundamental research is combined with immediately and prospectively applicable solutions for the industry.

Alongside this development of know-how, it is important is to share gained knowledge with the academic community, students, industry and the society as a whole. ELECTA is also co-founder of the knowledge center EnergyVille together with VITO, imec and the UHasselt. The work location is the EnergyVille Campus of the university of Leuven, located in Genk / Belgium.

Increased integration of renewable generation has led to development of offshore wind energy. In recent years, the cost of building offshore wind farms has drastically been decreased, leading to more investments. A transition towards higher offshore wind integration requires more cost effective transmission systems, to further decrease the cost of offshore wind energy.

One of operational offshore transmission costs relates to uncertainty and unavailability of the offshore system. The PhD project, as part of the Marie-Curie InnoDC project, task at hand is to develop a mathematical framework which takes into account uncertainty in the different operational time frames and the multi-stakeholder nature of the system to optimize the controllable HVDC links in the power system to achieve a cost-effective and reliable operation. An ideal mathematical framework will result in a non-linear, non-convex, stochastic problem of high dimension. A main part of the research will consist of translating the ideal mathematical framework into computational feasible and operationally implementable approaches.   Interested candidates should have a good understanding of optimal power flow calculation and power system security. Strong interest and affinity in optimization techniques, programming and probabilistic calculus is essential.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess