PhD: Metamaterial-based Measurement Systems

Delft University of Technology
October 03 2017
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Full Time
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Functional material structures (FMS), such as metamaterials, are macro components with a designed microstructure that form an intermediate between materials and devices and can be designed for functionality typically not found in nature. Contrary to natural materials, whose properties are mainly determined by their chemical composition, FMS derive their behaviour from a combination of material properties and structure. FMS that couple the interaction of shape and mechanical deformation with optical waves (such as photonic crystals) are of particular interest because of their potential application in communication, waveguides, signal processing, and sensing.

As a PhD candidate, you will investigate photonic material structures for the design of low-cost strain sensors. The project is a cooperation with leading industrial companies, active in the field of high tech systems. Your tasks include:

• Modelling for the design of photonic FMS and their reaction to deformations. You will be working with another PhD on the wave-structure interaction modelling.
• Design of the photonic FMS strain sensor for an industrial application setting.
• Realisation of industry-oriented demonstrators, including performance validation.
• Writing a doctoral dissertation, publishing results in renowned peer-reviewed journals, and presenting your research at international conferences.

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