INSiDe the Breath

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October 02 2017
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Full Time
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Breathomic is one of the last-born omic sciences, aimed to study the oattern of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the breath as a possible new diagnostic tool. VOCs are produced by cellular methanbolism and are released by the lung into the breath. Preliminary studies confirmed the potentiality of this methodology in the early diagnosis of several gastrointestinal and pulmonary diseases.

Our project is aimed to develop and validate a new smart, not-expencive, non-invasive approach, based on the VOCs analysis, to be used for a mass screening tool in colorectal cancer.The research project will deveolp an experimental setup composede by operative protocols for the collection and chemical characterization of the VOCs, algorithms and other methodologies for data interpretation by artificial intelligence network, data mining and set-up of a database

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess