Incorporating patients' preferences in kidney transplant decision protocols

Università degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento di Scienze Econimiche e Aziendali
October 02 2017
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The project aims to evaluate a new procedure to allocate organs to patients, will be implemented at Padua Kidney and Pancras Transplant Centre, allowing chains of donation originated from a cadaveric organ. The project aims to measure which incentives compatible pairs may have in participating to a KPE program. However, patients who already have a compatible donor need to be offered the chance of a better match. That is, a graft that can be expected to survive longer than the organ they have been offered by a willing compatible donorIn this project we want to propose new protocols (kidney assignment rules) designed to induce compatible donor-patient pairs to participate in PKE programs and receive a kidney with a predictably longer survival. The winner of the grant needs to have a good knowledge of economic theory and on matching theory and collective decision theory, and/ or to have previous experiences in projects to elicit individual preferences

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