R&T Associate in Life Cycle Sustainability assessment of energy production and consumption system...

September 29 2017
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Full Time
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The Life Cycle Sustainability and Risk Assessment (LiSRA) Unit of the Environmental Research and Innovation department (ERIN) of LIST is developing knowledge, transferable (software) technologies and practical methods for the integrative evaluation and management of the sustainability and toxicological risks of human driven systems. Its final purpose is to foster sustainable, technology driven eco-innovation in industry and to support sustainability oriented policy-making. As such, the Unit is developing new metrics and models to assess the sustainability of large scale systems (cities, regions and country economies), in particular relative to the definition and implementation of policies on mobility, the built environment, and energy systems. For the latter, the R&I activities span from the assessment of energy production technologies, including renewables, to the evaluation of the effects of energy policies (involving e.g. the implementation of new technologies or new energy management systems) at large scale by modelling the changes occurring in the affected economic sectors. To that respect, we are currently missing expertise in environmentally-extended input-output (IO) modelling, multiregional IO analysis, hybrid LCA, scenario modelling with special focus on energy systems. In order to sustain the research developments in this field, we are looking for a R&T Associate with proven expertise in this field.

The incumbent is supposed to apply these developments to industrial business cases in the broader area of Smart Cities. The expertise we are looking for is therefore central in the short and medium term for the mission and development of the RDI Unit.


We are looking for a scientist with at least 4-year experience (excluding the doctoral degree period) in the field of environmentally-extended input-output (IO) modelling, multiregional IO analysis, hybrid LCA. Knowledge on the application of these methods to prospective LCA of global electricity generation systems (such as photovoltaics, hydropower, wind, geothermal, CO2 capture and storage…) is required.

  • The successful candidate shall demonstrate proven knowledge and experience in R&I in the strategic areas of interest for LIST, i.e. smart manufacturing (in particular relative to energy technologies) and smart cities (in particular on urban energy systems and prospective energy analysis).

  • The scientist will have the opportunity to submit research proposals to secure funding from national and international competitive programs. To that respect, previous experience in writing competitive research proposals is welcomed.

  • The incumbent will have also to valorize the research results by transferring them to the private and public sectors, through the development and exploitation of an intellectual property rights portfolio.

Contribution to scientific valorization through papers published in top-ranked scientific journals and through presentations at international conferences will be also mandatory to foster the international visibility of the Unit.

  • A PhD in natural or engineering sciences, ideally in hybrid/environmentally extended IO LCA

  • Minimum 4-year RDI experience (excluding PhD)

  • Knowledge of Luxembourg and the Luxembourgish socio-economic and industrial system is considered an asset

  • Proven experience in the private sector (e.g. as consultant or researcher) is highly appreciated

  • Experience in writing competitive and international research proposals

  • Environmentally-extended input-output (IO) modelling

  • Multiregional IO analysis

  • Hybrid LCA

  • Scenario modelling with special focus on energy systems

  • Knowledge of programming languages (Python, Matlab, C++…)

  • Interdisciplinary thinking, well-developed communication skills (oral and written) and team spirit to successfully integrate into the multicultural, multilingual and multidisciplinary work environment at LIST

  • Strong motivation, challenge and result-oriented mindset

  • English mandatory. French and/or German are considered an asset

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