PhD Student ‘ENgage YOung people early (ENYOY)'

AMC Medical Research
September 29 2017
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Full Time
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Since 75 percent of mental disorders start before the age of 25, early detection and intervention in young people is critical to prevent mild symptoms from becoming chronic. Unfortunately, professional help-seeking and access to care are low in this group. Australia is world leading in reforming youth mental health with over 100 youth-friendly, low-stigma community Headspace centers in which youngsters, their family and friends can seek help for general health and education problems, drug use and (emerging) psychiatric symptoms. These centers provide early detection and treatment of psychiatric symptoms as well as personalized health care for young people aged 12-25 years.

The aim of this project is the adaptation and translation of the Australian website eHeadspace Generation Next (GN) for the Netherlands together with a youth panel and to assess its effectiveness in supporting young people 12-25 years with mental health problems. eHeadspace GN has been developed in Australia over the past 10 years. It integrates the one-to-one service of first generation eHeadspace with the Moderated Online Social Therapy (MOST) platform. Within eHeadspace GN young people are able to request immediate contact with a clinician. However, they are also able to connect with others, team-up to achieve goals, obtain peer support, take positive interpersonal risks, practice therapeutic techniques, or quietly do their own thing, browsing content and reading the social feed. In addition to the effectiveness of eHeadspace GN, the relationship between stress biomarkers, symptoms and outcome measures that are relevant for subjects who use the eHeadspace GN website is also object of this study.

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