‘Research impact' project officer

September 29 2017
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Full Time
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CIRAD, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, is recruiting an ‘research impact' project officer to focus on co-designing research projects, impact pathways and monitoring and evaluation systems for agricultural research for development projects and programmes. Within the Technology Transfer and Development Office, the officer will work closely with CIRAD's Innovation-Impact project team, ‘ImpresS', which has developed a specific approach to integrate research impact into CIRAD's programming processes.

This operational position will support CIRAD's research teams in building and implementing robust research projects that combine scientific excellence, contextual relevance and development impacts. CIRAD has developed a participatory impact assessment approach, called ImpresS, which, in its ex-post version, was applied to a series of case studies. The officer will focus primarily on implementing the ex-ante version during the design of research projects and supporting the monitoring, evaluation and learning processes of a selected set of projects and programmes. ImpresS ex-ante aims to encourage research teams and their partners to build research projects that identify their development impact pathways more clearly, in the light of societal demands and donor expectations, and to monitor results on the basis of adaptive management principles.

CIRAD wishes to roll out this approach by fostering an impact culture among its researchers and their partners. The officer will undertake the following activities in particular:

  • Implement the ImpresS ex-ante method within the network of CIRAD research managers and their partners to enable them to fully integrate the impact culture and assessment tools into their research unit project organization and monitoring work;

  • Help research teams and technology transfer and development staff build, draft, monitor and evaluate CIRAD's research for development projects using the ImpresS ex-ante method;

  • Disseminate the ImpresS approach among the main donors by using appropriate communication tools, studies and expert assessments that meet their expectations;

  • Provide training to CIRAD's teams and units as well as their partners in developing countries in research impact assessment, in close cooperation with the ImpresS project team;

  • Contribute to improving the ImpresS approach;

  • When required, take part in ex-post impact assessments on behalf of CIRAD or third parties;

  • Contribute to internal and external communication on the impact of research and the ImpresS approach.


This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess