Postdoctoral Fellowship - Exploring effects of genetic variation in iPSC-derived neurons by means...

Institute of Clinical Medicine
September 29 2017
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Full Time
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The post doc will work in a project funded by the Research Council of Norway - DigiBrain programme. The primary objective of this project is to gain more knowledge about mechanisms of severe mental disorders, by identifying molecular and cellular phenotypes that are associated with severe mental illness, using the well characterized TOP (Thematically Organized Psychosis) sample. The candidate will join the group experienced with iPSC differentiation. The derived cells will be subjected to rigorous validation utilizing already established protocols. These will include transcriptome analysis, immunohistochemistry, FACS, neurite analysis, synaptic protein staining analysis and synapse density, as well as electrophysiology (whole-cell patch clamp recordings and multiphoton Ca2+ imaging).


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