8 open PhD positions on fog computing

IRISA / University of Rennes 1 Technische Universität Berlin Elastisys AB U-Hopper SRL
September 28 2017
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Full Time
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8 full-time PhD positions on Fog Computing are available in France, Sweden, Germany and Italy. The positions, offered within the scope of European FogGuru project, cover a wide range of topics in fog/cloud computing infrastructures, middlewares and services:

  • Position 1: Fog computing service roaming techniques

  • Position 2: Stream processing operator placement

  • Position 3: Autonomous management optimizations based on on-line anomaly detection

  • Position 4: Automatic optimization of autonomous management systems

  • Position 5: Elasticity mechanisms for distributed stream processing under QoS constraints

  • Position 6: Robust data stream optimization under variable traffic conditions

  • Position 7: Scalable data pipelines for fog computing applications

  • Position 8: Fog computing-enabled IoT situation-aware services

  • Fog computing is emerging as a new paradigm for powering novel applications and services through the provisioning of a distributed computing infrastructure able to process data closer to users. Fog computing is a natural next step after cloud computing, as it provides substantial advantages in terms of scalability, interactivity and better usage of network resources. Major leaders in the ICT sector (like Cisco, Huawei, IBM etc.) are heavily investing into this innovation line, which is expected to have a major impact on several application domains, in much the same way the cloud is impacting them now.

    FogGuru will nurture a generation of technology professionals, specifically trained on fog computing infrastructures and applications, and who will fully master the innovation process stemming from fundamental research towards invention and development of innovative products and services, and to real-life deployment, experimentation and engagement with beta-testers.

    Highlights from these positions include:

  • An ambitious training program mixing in-depth scientific and technical education in fog computing, a broad technical and soft-skills training, and a state-of-the-art training in Innovation and Entrepreneurship provided by the leading European organization EIT Digital in Rennes.

  • A unique living-lab experience in the smart city of Valencia (Spain) where PhD candidates will deploy their technologies in a real urban fog-computing platform, and engage with external beta-testers to evaluate their technologies

  • Every PhD candidate will be co-supervised by one university professor and one member of industry in two different European countries.

  • The partners in the project are Université de Rennes 1 (coordinator), Elastisys, Technical University Berlin and U-Hopper. The project also has the following associated Partners: EIT Digital Rennes (which will provide innovation & entrepreneurship training) and the Valencia smart city living lab Las Naves, where PhD candidates will spend 7 months experimenting their research outcomes in the wild with real users.

    Application deadline: as early as possible, and no later than Dec. 31st 2017.

    Expected start date: March 1st 2018

    This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess

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