UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE-PTW rider control model: increasing knowledge for the improvement of PTW r...

UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI FIRENZE - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale
September 28 2017
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Full Time
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The focus of this research position is the investigation of rider control patterns in the performance of PTW emergency maneuvers. The scope of the activities includes design and conduction of human experiments to measure performance characteristics and compare types of riders in a range of riding tasks, including different types of vehicles and systems, and different types of hazard stimuli.

Desired outcomes are to provide the first set of comparative baseline data of this nature, and take the first steps in determining objective measures of performance capabilities of riders, as well as identifiers for classifying different types of riders and control strategies. Results may be applied for use in modelling PTW-rider control interaction, for experimental design and cross-validation studies using other platforms (e.g. simulators), for methods of assessing the effectiveness of interventions such as rider training, and informing the design of technological assistive systems.

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