The Invitation of the First International Forum of Young Scholars of Yangzhou University

The introduction of the forum

Yangzhou University is located on Yangzhou city which is a national historical city with the history of 2500 years in Jiangsu province. The university was established in 110 years ago. It was established by the government and the education department of Jiangsu province. It a key comprehensive university. The university has 120 undergraduate programs, 11 level one doctoral degree authorizations, 44 level one master degree authorizations and 16 professional doctor(master) degrees of category and 6 national characteristic majors. It also has more than 40 national teaching teams, cultivation bases,experiment centers,the innovation of the experimentation area and excellent(sharing) courses. Now there are more than 46000 internal students.

There are more than 5900 teaching and administrative staffs in the university. It has more than 1300 teachers with high-grade professional titles, 2 Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians and 2 foreign academicians.There are 12 persons. They include someone who was selected by “1000 Talents Plan”, someone gained the prize of The National Outstanding Youth, Special Term Professors of “Chang Jiang Scholars” and National Teaching Masters. There are 6 national persons of “Talents Project”.

There are 3 state-levels key disciplines(including cultivation disciplines), 5 provincial preponderant disciplines, 1 provincial key sequence subject, 6 level one provincial key disciplines and 3 level one provincial key cultivation disciplines. The ranks of ESI of Chemistry, Plant and Animal Sciences,Engineering Science,Agricultural Science,Clinical Medicine,Material Science are in the top 1% of universities and scientific research institutions around the world. The university has 1 international cooperation laboratory, 42 provincial departmental key laboratories(research centers,collaborative innovation centers), 1 national technology transfer demonstration agency, 1 national science and technology correspondent entrepreneurial training base. Now the university has more than 1800 research projects. The expenditure about them is more than 6 hundred million RMB.

The aim of the first international forum of Young Scholars is to call the outstanding young scholars around the world together, to promote the communication between the university and foreign young scholars, to increase the cooperation of different areas and to promote the development of top universities and top disciplines. The forum is also aimed at becoming “Be on top at home,be famous around the world, be special high-level research” university.

The people be invited(sufficient anyone of the following 5 conditions can join us)

  1. The age of the person is less than 40. He must has a doctorate of a university which is famous around the world. He must have overseas research experience for 2 consecutive years. He must have a formal teaching or scientific research position in foreign famous universities, scientific research institutions or the well-known enterprises’ research institutions.
  2. The people belong to anyone of “Thousand Talent Program”, Young top-notch talent of “The Thousand Talent Program”, or “Young scholars of Yangtze River” are invited. The one who gained Outstanding Youth Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation is also invited. Or the one who declared anyone of the four talent projects and was selected to the conference evaluation plan can join us.
  3. The global highly cited scientists(announced by THOMSON REUTERS), highly cited scholars(ELSEVIER).
  4. The excellent doctor(postdoctoral fellow) of top 300 universities around the world whose age is less than 35, and who published more than 5 academic papers in the top journals which are recognized by the discipline or published theses in Science, Nature, Cell can join us.
  5. The selected candidates of “Hundred Talent Program”, and the selected candidates of Provincial talent project(including “Thousand Talent Program” of Sichuan, Zhejiang provinces, “Chutian Scholar Program”of Hubei province, “Taishan scholar program”of Shandong province) can join us.

The ambit

Chinese Language and Literature;Chinese History; Foreign Language and Literature; Law; Mathematics, Statistics, Applied Economics;Physics (Photoelectricity); Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science; Human Movement Science; Mechanical Engineering (including vehicle engineering);Computer Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Software Engineering; Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Architecture, Water Conservancy Projects;New Energy Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science,Environmental Engineering; Marine Science; Crop Science; Animal Husbandry and Grassland Science; Veterinary Science; Biology; Plant Protection; Landscape Gardening; Clinical Medicine (Oncology), Pharmacy, Bio-medicine, Economics, Management; Food Science and Engineering; Art and so on.

The application process

  1. The young scholar who is match the conditions need to download and fill in the forum of Young Scholars of Yangzhou Universitys application form. ]

The chained address: see attachment.

  1. Send the application form and resume to E-mail

Registration deadline: November 20, 2017.

  1. The university will send the official invitation letters in batches to the invited scholars.
  2. The scholar who is got the invitation letter need to write a receipt and make sure that whether you will attend the forum or not.

Time arrangement

  1. December 22 (Friday): Register
  2. December 23 (Saturday): Opening ceremony, Theme forums, dividing forums
  3. December 24(Sunday):Communicate,visit and discuss in different areas; closing ceremony
  4. December 25(Monday); Leaving the forum.

The transportation,accommodation and dining

The sponsor will arrange the accommodation and dining uniformly(for free). The invited scholars need to book airline tickets by themselves. The sponsor will pay the transportation fee.(according to the economy class’ price)

The contact way

Phone number: +86-514-87971833

Fax: +86-514-87971831


Linkman: Bi Yulin (15161885726)

Address: The South University Road 88 of Yangzhou city of China, the Personnel Department of Yangzhou University

Yangzhou University will extend a warm welcome to every young talent from all over the world!