Associate Senior University Lecturer in Systems Biology

Lund University
September 25 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

The activities have as common strategy analysis of data, theoretical modeling and development of algorithms / software for implementation. The Computational Biology and Biological Physics group pursues research in machine learning for clinical issues, biomolecular physics, bio-nanophysics and systems biology.

Type of employment: Limit of tenure, 4 year, with the opportunity to promotion to senior lecturer.

Job description

The work tasks are primarily research and teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Research will comprise at least 80 % of the time. The work assignments of the position, as well as the relative proportions of research and teaching, may change with time.

The new associate lecturer is expected to conduct research in systems biology with a focus on dynamical modeling of how stem cells develop into mature cells and vice versa. The research is expected to involve close collaboration with experimental partners. There are good opportunities to participate in existing collaborations with experimental groups, especially regarding T-cells.

The person is expected to develop active research within the area and related areas, which also includes active work in applying for external funding and developing collaborations with other university units and other organisations, involved in this type of research.

The position includes teaching on courses in computational biology at the Master's level. It may also entail teaching on courses at a more basic level and postgraduate courses, as well as the  development of new courses or course modules. Supervision of Bachelor and Master's students as well as doctoral students is part of the duties. The new associate lecturer is also expected to participate in the outreach activities of the Department.


A person who holds a doctorate, or a qualification equivalent to a doctorate, shall be qualified for appointment as an Associate Senior Lecturer. Priority will be given to candidates who have completed their degree no more than 7 years before the application closing date.

A doctoral degree or equivalent in theoretical physics, automatic control or computational biology is specifically required for this position.

For academic staff at Lund University the general qualification requirements are to be suited to and having the general ability required to complete the duties of the post well.

Basis of Assessment

The main selection criteria for the position are scientific and pedagogic skills, with an emphasis on scientific skills. The applicant should have experience in modeling stem cell development and reprogramming. Experience in evaluating such models against experimental data is a merit. Experience in modeling of T-cells is also a merit. The applicant's potential to attract external research funding in the future and ability to establish contacts with other, especially experimental, research groups are of great importance.

Emphasis will also be put on the extent to which the applicant can contribute to the development of the education and establishment of a new and active research profile at the Department. Documented experience of collaboration is also of great importance. Relevant post-doctoral experience is a requirement. Experience in planning, developing and implementing teaching is a merit.

Particular importance will be placed on the applicant´s independent research plan. This plan should indicate how the applicant´s research can strengthen the research profile of the Department and also indicate the research environments with whom the applicant could potentially form collaborations.

Very good skills in English, both written and spoken, is a requirement for the position.

It is expected that any non-Swedish speaking appointee within a three-year period will master the Swedish language well enough to be able to teach and to communicate with the university administration in Swedish.

When making the appointment, consideration will be given to the Lund University Appointment Rules.


An associate senior lecturer is to be promoted, on application, to employment as a senior lecturer on an indefinite-term contract if he or she has the qualifications required for the post and is assessed to be suitable in accordance with the qualification requirements and assessment criteria established by the Faculty of Science. An associate senior lecturer may only apply for promotion once.

Qualification requirements and assessment criteria for promotion to a permanent position as senior lecturer:

Well documented research expertise is important for the discipline. The following criteria will be applied:           - High national and international standing as a researcher

           - High-quality publications in international research journals.

           - Independent research profile.

           - Qualifications corresponding to those of a reader.

           - Participation in scholarly conferences or workshops.

           - Research funding from national or international funding bodies.

Well documented teaching expertise. The following criteria will be applied:           - Good subject knowledge and documented experience of teaching at different levels of higher education.

           - Documented ability to develop and renew courses and teaching methods.

           - Documented ability to lead and organise education.

           - Documented ability to supervise Master´s and PhD students.

           - Five weeks´training in teaching and learning in higher education or the equivalent.

An ability to interact with wider society and provide public information on current research and development.

An ability to work as a leader in higher education, including leading research projects and participating in decision-making bodies at university, faculty or department level.An application for promotion to a permanent position as senior lecturer is to be submitted to the faculty at the latest 6 months before the appointment as associate senior lecturer ends. The application for promotion is to be judged by the teacher's appointment board after acquisition of the opinion of at least two experts on the subject.

Design and content of the application

The application should be formulated according to the Faculty of Sciences instructions for applications for an academic position.


- Professor Anders Irbäck, 046-222 34 93,

- Universitetslektor Mattias Ohlsson, 046-222 77 82,

- Rekryteringshandläggare Helen Johansson, 046-222 36 09,

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