University of Florence - Effects of cutaneous negative pressure application on perforator artery ...

Università degli Studi di Firenze - Dipartimento di Chirurgia e Medicina Traslazionale
September 25 2017
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Skin flaps based on thin perforator vessels are nowadays an increasingly popular procedure in repairing process of complex cutaneous defects. The optimization of their blood supply enhances the surgical success. Our project aims to investigate if localized changes in pressure, applied on the skin surface, influence the flow of a cutaneous perforator artery. Preliminary study was conducted on 12 normal-weight non-smoking-healthy volunteers were enrolled from April to June 2016. In each subjects, periumbelical deep-inferior-epigastric-artery's perforator was bilaterally identified using a linear-transducer 5-12 MH connected to a Doppler ultrasound Philips-ATL- HDI-5000 device

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