UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE-Professions in the XXI century: regulation, interests, representation and ...

Università degli studi di Firenze
September 25 2017
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Full Time
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Sociology of professions is at a crossroads. Has to deal with a growing complexity - related to the increasing number of professionals, a growing segmentation of professional labour markets, the emergence of new professions and the change of traditional ones - while in the meantime has to revise its theoretical and conceptual tools - its theoretical assumptions been put into question by the neoliberal rhetoric, which discouraged the institutionalization of new professions and undermined the effectiveness of the mechanisms of social closure that are typical of liberal professions.

The project aims to develop new interpretive patterns and theoretical reflections on professions' regulation, interests' representation, inequalities within and between professional groups. The research fellow will be required to work on these research's results, propose papers to scientific journals, of either national or international, and develop one or more original research projects.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess

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