UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE - The functionality of Bingo halls for the promotion of responsible gaming...

Università degli studi di Firenze
September 25 2017
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Full Time
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At the University of Florence from 2013, a Research Unit devoted to New Social Pathologies was coordinated by Franca Tani and Massimo Morisi from the Florentine University. ASCOB (National Bingo Halls Association) has entrusted the Research Unit of the University of Florence with the design and implementation of a survey on the functionality of Bingo Halls for the promotion of responsible gaming. The implementation of the project requires the formulation and testing of appropriate ways of detecting opinions, guidelines and evaluations both by users and by Bingo hall operators on the prevention of gambling activities related to organizational and management practices that can qualify Bingo halls as loisir sites for the purpose of a effective public gambling regulation.

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