UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE - Realisation and characterisation of hybrid nanostructures embedding mole...

UNIVERSITA' DEGLI STUDI DI FIRENZE - Dipartimento di Chimica Ugo Schiff
September 25 2017
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The research activity related to this grant concerns the realization of hybrid nanostructures embedding thin layers of magnetic moleculesand nanostructured inorganic systems and their in situ and ex situ characterization using cryogenic scanning probe microscopies, photoelectron spectroscopies and X-ray absorption spectroscopies. The applicant will work in the context of the European Research project FET-Open Femtoteabyte and will be in charge of the preparation of molecular films via UHV and wet-chemistry based protocols depositing molecular layers also in regular arrays (shadow masking methods) on conductive and magnetic substrates.

The applicant will be also in charge of the characterization of obtained systems combining loal probe-based tools with other surface characterization techniques. Consequently a documented experience in conducting research activity with these techniques is requested.

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