UNIVERSITY OF FLORENCE -“Design and synthesis of adhesives based on peptides/proteins to develop ...

UNIVERSITA' DEGLI STUDI DI FIRENZE - Dipartimento di Chimica “Ugo Schiff”, Laboratorio Interdipartimentale di Peptidi & Proteine Chimica & Biologia
September 25 2017
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Adhesive labels produced in biological systems as Mytilus edulis are known for their strong properties compared with synthetic ones. The ability of Mytilus edulis has inspired several researches aimed to understand the adhesion mechanism. Therefore the development of biomimetic adhesives is a challenge. The exact structure of these adhesives has not been completely determined, but it is known that the presence of 3,4-dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine (DOPA) is fundamental. Synthetic labels containing DOPA and their derivatives could have strong adhesive properties. Therefore, the present project is aimed to synthesize peptides containing DOPA and analogs. Moreover, as several adhesive proteins identified and characterized in Mytilus edulis presented non toxic and ecocompatible poliphenolic residues, these modifications will be also introduced in synthetic peptides.

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