Design and implementation of an information system to support the experimental and service activi...

Libera Universitá di Bolzano
September 25 2017
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Full Time
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Creation of a web platform for the management of all the data related to the research laboratory activities, with particular reference to: 1) certification and proof tests performed directly by the devices already available at the laboratory (bench engine brake, structural testing of protective structures, tractor rolling stability on tilting platform, wind tunnel for measurement of sprayer drift phenomena); 2) data from the remote operational monitoring of agricultural machines on the field; 3) data from crop and environmental monitoring activities carried out by means of remote optical sensors.

In addition, support for the realization of a portal for the technical-economic assessment of forestry equipment for users with different access privileges will be also required. The platform will have a multi-tier architecture, and development interventions will be required at all levels...

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