Outstanding Associate Professor for Plant Ecology,Plant Biology or Microbiology or Livestock Biology

Southwest University of Science & Technology
Sichuan (CN)
$66,000 -91,300 per year(¥450,000-600,000) for associate professor
September 25 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

Four positions in college of Life Science & Engineering, Southwest University of Science & Technology (SWUST, China) are open for globally outstanding scientists with strong research and publication records in recent years. We are seeking four incumbents whose expertise is separately in plant ecology, Integrative Plant Biology, Microbiology as well as Livestock Biology. The incumbents could work independently or join in Plant Ecology Group, Plant Biology Group, Microbiology Group or Livestock science group, SWUST. Particularly, the candidates should provide at least 3 representative papers (by first or corresponding author in recent years) published in top 5% journal of different disciplines or top 10% journal published in multi-discipline. The very outstanding candidate could choose flexible-style job, i.e. they could complete the experiment design and works or mentoring graduate students in the Chinese SWUST lab and then lay analytic or writing work in their own country, the salary could be afforded completely dependent on his scientific performance.


Successful candidates are expected to establish a rigorous, nationally recognized research program. The new faculty members will mentor research assistant, group member and postgraduate students in their research groups. 


For the assistant/associate professor of Plant Ecology, the candidate is specialized in field of plant eco-physiology or community ecology or plant/ mycorhiza interaction, and the integration of plant molecular evolution is preferred. Our college plant eco-physiology group is using physiological, ecological, genomic and molecular tools to understand environment change effects and plant accommodation processes. The successful candidates could join this group or work independently.

For the assistant/associate professor of Plant Biology, the candidates should have rich experience in biochemistry and molecular biology technique and be preferred with innovative methodologies or with research field of tree or crops or pasture plants. The successful candidate with strong bioinformatics background is preferred and would be provided with higher salary level.

For the assistant/associate professor of microbiology, the candidates whose research encompasses the broad field of microbiology, including but not limited to host-microbe interactions, microbial communities, or microbial genetics. 

For the assistant/associate professor of livestock biology, the candidate should have rich experience in livestock germ cell genesis, embryo development or genomic editing or molecular nutrition biology. The Livestock science group in our college is conducted in germ cell/embryo development of different livestock and nutrition biology using the tools of cellular biology, molecular biology, epigenetics, genomic editing and embryology. The candidate could work independently or join in the research group of Animal Genetics and Nutrition Biology, SWUST.

Salary and start-up research funds

The incumbents would be provided $0.22.0-0.74 million US dollars (¥1.50-5.0 million RMB) as start-up research funds by SWUST, and very outstanding incumbents could be provided another $0.45 million for experimental equipments. Salary: $50,000-$66,000 per year (¥350,000-450,000) for assistant professor and $66,000 -91,300 per year(¥450,000-600,000) for associate professor. For flexible time scientist, the salary is same to the other scientist when his/her scientific performance in SWUST is comparable to the other scientist, therefore the salary for flexible time scientist is completely dependent on his group’s scientific performance, but the start-up funds and equipments should be negotiated.


Please submit a cover letter, CV, relevant publication and contact information for references to Prof. Yinan Yao (yaoya@ms.xjb.ac.cn, yaoyinan0430@163.com, at SWUST, Mianyang, China).Position is open until December 30, 2017. If we meet the deficiency in the application of excellent candidates in 2017, some positions will remain until next year.

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