Announcement of The International Young Scholars Shenzhen Forum of Sun Yat-sen University in 2017

Sun Yat-sen University
Guangdong (CN)
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September 21 2017
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Full Time
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Organizer: Sun Yat-sen University

Date: December 22-24, 2017


The Fifth International Young Scholars Forum and the 2017 International Young Scholars Shenzhen Forum (hereinafter referred as "Shenzhen Forum") of Sun Yat-sen University is now officially open for online registration. We sincerely invite you to attend the Shenzhen Forum.

The University has started to organize the International Young Scholars Forum twice a year since 2015. The Forum aims to bring together young scholars from China and abroad for exploring the frontiers of academic topics, tracking hot academic issues, and promoting academic exchanges and cooperation. Meanwhile, the Forum will present Guangdong Province’s development trend and Sun Yat-sen University’s development plan, and provide opportunities for talent recruitment, furthering the University’s goal of bringing top-level international talent into the University.

I. Agenda

December 22nd   Registration

December 23rd   Shenzhen Forum & Symposium of Engineering and Medicine

December 24th   Parallel Sessions

December 25th   Leave

Parts of Parallel Sessions will be held in Zhuhai and Guangzhou respectively.

II. Disciplines

Engineering: Materials Science and Engineering, Strategic Advanced Materials, Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Armament Science and Technology, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Nuclear Science and Technology, etc.

Medical Science: Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and Pharmaceutical Science, Nursing, etc.

Science: Marine Sciences, Geology, Atmospheric Sciences, Astronomy, Geography, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, etc.

Humanities and Social Sciences: Philosophy, Economic, Law, Language and Literature, History, Management Science, Political Science, Sociology, Ethnology, Marxist Theory, Psychology, etc.

III. Application Conditions

Applicants should be: under the age of 40; holders of a PhD degree from a well-known university abroad, or holders of a PhD degree from a domestic university but with more than 2 years of research experience abroad; have demonstrated academic achievements or academic potential in their respective research fields, and intending to apply for Professor or Associate Professor of Sun Yat-sen University's "100 Top Talents Program", Research Fellow or Postdoctoral Researcher.

IV. Application Process

Applicants could access the online application system found at (, provide the information as required on the web page, and submit it by November 18th. The School or Department which you apply will contact with you and send an invitation after reviewing your application.

V. Travel and Accommodation Arrangements

Meals and accommodation will be arranged by the organizer, and travel subsidies will be provided as well.

VI. Contact Information

Office of Human Resources, Sun Yat-sen University

Tel: +86-20-84114884   +86-020-84111781

Contact: Ms. Chi Manrong, Ms. Siran Wu, Ms. Sun Fan


Online Application:

Introduction of Schools and Departments:

Talent Recruitment:

VII. Introduction of SYSU

Sun Yat-sen University founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen and with an educational tradition spanning over 100 years, is a preeminent research, academic and cultural center and the premier location for talent development in South China. Under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, and strongly supported by both the Ministry and Guangdong Province, Sun Yat-sen University has developed into a modern comprehensive university that enjoys a reputation as a top-tier university nationally and a renowned university internationally. With five campuses in the three cities of Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Shenzhen, and ten affiliated hospitals, the University is striving to become a world-class university and global center of learning.

Built on a solid multidisciplinary foundation of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences, and engineering, Sun Yat-sen University is propelled forward by the continuous pursuit of academic innovation. The University is equipped with a globally aware outlook, and has dedicated itself to being an institution that is “comprehensive, innovative, and open”. The University adheres to the socialist orientation of higher education, focusing on the fundamental task of nurturing virtue and talents. The goal of talent cultivation is to nurture students who have both ability and moral integrity, able to cultivate charisma and eager to serve their country. The basic guiding philosophy is to be oriented toward academic frontiers, oriented toward national major strategic needs, and oriented toward national and regional economic and social development.

Since 2015, Sun Yat-sen University has been continuously exploring areas such as teaching, scientific research, and talent cultivation. The number of SYSU disciplines ranked by ESI as among the world's top 1% reached 18, tied for second most among universities in China. In 2016, the number of newly increased top youth talent in Chinese Universities was ranked fourth. In 2017, the number of projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China was ranked first and the number of projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China was ranked second.

Now, standing at a new starting point, Sun Yat-sen University strives to enter the national first-tier of universities, to a university where humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences and engineering can integrate and develop while retaining their distinctive characteristics and the ranks of world-class elite universities.

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