Assistant professor, in the scientific field of humanistic sciences and the field of philosophy, ...

Catholic faculty University of Zagreb
September 21 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
  • assistant professor, in the scientific field of humanistic sciences, in the scientific field of humanistic sciences and the field of philosophy, at the Department of Philosophy of the Catholic Faculty of Theology of the University of Zagreb for the needs of the Regional Study of Theology in Rijeka, for an undetermined period of time and for full-time employment.

  • Participates in formulating the teaching plan and program in his/her teaching area and, based on it, conducts teaching and other forms of teaching activities in the group of courses that belong to the scientific discipline for which s/he has been appointed

  • Conducts exams and other forms of evaluation of students' knowledge according to the teaching plan and programme

  • Improves the teaching process, proposes, develops, and uses methods of monitoring and evaluating the teaching activity

• works on writing handbooks and textbooks either individually or in cooperation with other teachers and experts and contributes to development of other teaching materials and tools

  • Manages or/and participates in scientific-research and professional work, publishes achieved results and cares about education of the next generation of scientists

  • Actively participates in activities of national and international scientific and professional gatherings

  • Is a member of professional committees in processes of appointment/re-appointment in the same grade and for the job position of a teacher or an associate of the Faculty and, generally, in processes of appointment in grades in the field of theology

  • Participates in appointments of younger associates and in creating personnel policy of the department to which s/he has been appointed

  • Participates in the work of the Faculty Board and its working bodies

  • Can propose and lead national and international projects, which have a potential to significantly impact the development of a scientific area and a profession

  • Encourages students to work individually and to be interested in education and training

  • Is a mentor for diploma, licentiate, and doctoral theses and a member of the defence committee for those theses

  • Works on his/her own improvement by following the development of his/her scientific discipline and profession, as well as the pedagogical theory and practice

  • Within the frame of the 40-hour working week, s/he also conducts other tasks specified by the study programme and the operative plan, the Law, the relevant collective contract, the Statute of the Faculty and the Statute of the University of Zagreb, as well as other tasks assigned to him/her by the head of the department, the dean, vice-deans

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