Digital transformation of the italian industrial system and advanced manufacturing tools.

Università di Genova
September 21 2017
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Full Time
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With the advent of digitization, the reality of the factory is radically changed and is based on a decentralized configuration with complex architecture where management and control design require analytical and simultaneous synthesis capabilities. The key figure is the system plant engineering or (system integrator) capable of belnding the various ingredients such as technologies, production processes, procedures and practices that are in place and integrate them. We are talking about Digital Factory where the traditional flow of physical manufacturing is associated with a virtualized flow, the only system possible today to manage the complexity of manufacturing companies in all parts of the world. Today, however, the challenge is no longer on the single machine or on multiple machines, but on its integration into the overall system or plant, even in the light of the recent Industry 4.0 paradigm.

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