Time-dependent thermoeconomic analysis of advanced energy systems with energy storage

Università di Genova
September 21 2017
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Full Time
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The world energy scenario of the future envisages a deeper and deeper penetration of renewable resources(RES)production into the electrical grid,such aswind,solar,hydro,biomass.Unfortunately,wind and PV are not programmable in nature.For such a reason,electrical energy storage is considered a key enabling technology for a larger fraction of RES to be exploited by the grid.At the present,the electrical grid stability at European level is ensured mainly by the dispatchable energy sources,such as gas and coal fired power plants.However,the current situation is already causing severe limitations to further penetration of RES.To reach the 2030 EU targets without further concern about grid adequacy and stability,a massive enhancement of electrical system flexibility and storage capability is required.This work focuses on the thermoeconomic analysis and optimisation of an innovative concept of powertofuel to store excess electrical power from the grid into chemicals,used by industries

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