The effect of tACS at gamma frequency on working memory performance in patients affected by mild ...

Università di Genova
September 21 2017
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Full Time
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Here we propose to conduct a study that aims to set the basis for the potential use of tACS for cognitive rehabilitation in HD patients. In this project we will investigate the effect of γ-tACS on performance of tasks of increasing Working Memory (WM) load in a sample of 25 patients affected by mild to moderate HD and healthy controls and we will compare the effect to those of a placebo stimulation (sham tDCS).

Further, the objective of the present research project will also to explore, by means of high-density electroencephalography (hdEEG) (i) activity in the gamma frequency band (~30-120 Hz) across the cognitive network during tasks of increasing WM load in patients with HD and (ii) the potential plasticity of the cognitive network as a result of the intervention

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess