Metabolic flexibility and ectopic fat. Adiposity phenotype, mitochondrial dysfunction, hepatic in...

dipartimento di medicina sperimentale Sapienza Università di Roma
September 21 2017
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Energy unbalance affects metabolic flexibility, the ability to adapt fuel oxidation to fuel availability, contributing to intramuscular and systemic lipid imbalance. Many studies dealing with metabolic flexibility focused on glucose metabolism, whereas evidence with respect to lipid metabolism is scarce.

The primary aim of the study is to evaluate energy expenditure and substrate utilization in fasting /postprandial conditions and during submaximal aerobic exercise to glucose and lipid oversupply (metabolic flexibility) in obese subjects with NAFLD (vs patients with NASH).

Methods: eligible subjects will undergo the analysis of body composition, of metabolic flexibility to glucose, of adiposity phenotype and of metabolic flexibility to lipid. Liver and muscle biopsy, genotyping (E167K-TM6SF2 and I148M-PNPLA3), gut microbiota, NMR spectroscopy of liver and muscle and mass spectrometry of fecal samples will be performed

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