PhD: Operating System for Battery-less Communication

Delft University of Technology
September 19 2017
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Full Time
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Your research goal will be to develop an operating system (OS) for a battery-less Internet of Things (IoT) sensor. The sensor will be charged from ambient energy only (like solar power or radio frequency harvesting). Your challenge: the sensors should not have batteries (only small capacitors) to make them small and environmentally friendly. However, this small energy reservoir makes prolonged computation difficult. Your goal will be to utilise program structuring that divides long programs into small parts that can be stored in a non-volatile memory, from which one can continue after restart. Your operating system should consider service interrupts, schedulers (considering existing energy budget) and existing communication protocol requirements. You will be expected to develop a complete software stack, supporting communication for battery-less sensors. Other approaches for OS design, those that use specialized hardware, should be also considered in the project. Based on lessons learned from the OS design, systems related aspects should be explored in your PhD research, including underlying support software tools.

Your research will be part of a large Dutch project: TTW Perspectief ZERO on “Battery-less IoT”. As a case study you will be working on an autonomous network for roadside users (bikes and pedestrians) to increase traffic safety.

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