GEOphysical integrated techniques for subsurface EXPLORATION - REF. 185/2017

Politecnico di Torino
September 14 2017
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Full Time
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The program is aimed at developing tools for geophysical data processing. The target of the exploration techniques are subsurface resources and characterization for engineering and environmental purposes in the first km of depth. The range of depth between 50 and 600 m is challenging and usually unexplored by near surface surveys and neglected by deep hydrocarbon exploration. But, for applications such as mining, geothermal, infrastructures, CO2 storage, induced seismicity, this portion of the subsurface needs to be explored and characterized. The integration of active and passive geophysical methods is the key approach. The program will concern geophysical methods (with particular regard to seismic methods) and will be carried out starting from existing codes developed at Polito. The final aim is to implement and test on real data a multimethod-multiphysics geophysical interpretation tool for 3D subsurface models.

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