PhD position in Physical Chemistry

Uppsala University
September 13 2017
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Full Time
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The department of Chemistry - BMC is located within Uppsala University Biomedical Center. We conduct teaching and outstanding research in areas of Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Research education is given within these subjects. We have interfaces towards pre-clinical biomedicine and the clinic, pharmacy, physics and materials science. The department has approximately 140 employees, including around 40 PhD students and 10 professors. Two professors and about 10 PhD students are connected to the Program for Analytical Chemistry. Apart from research within the area of analytical chemistry, this program also hosts research within the area of physical chemistry referred to as colloid and surface chemistry.

You can find more information about us here.

We are looking for a graduate student in Chemistry with specialization in Physical Chemistry

Description of project:

Lipids and surfactants can form a rich range of structures and aggregates through self-assembly. Many of these have found important pharmaceutical, biotechnical, and analytical applications. Self-assembled lipids also form the basis of biologically important structures, such as cell membranes. As a PhD student within the current project, you will utilize liposomes and related self-assembled lipid structures both as models for biological membranes and as vehicles for drug delivery. In studies focused on fundamental understanding you will employ different experimental techniques, such as fluorescence spectroscopy, light scattering, QCM-D and electron microscopy, to investigate how lipophilic biomolecules affect the structure and stability of lipid membranes. You will in addition participate in more applied projects aiming at the development of lipid-based nanocarriers for specific delivery of anticancer agents to tumour cells. The latter studies will be conducted in collaboration with pharmaceutically/medically oriented research groups.

Appointment period

The PhD position is for four years, extendable with up to 20 % department duties, typically teaching.

Nature of duties

As a PhD student in our team you will pursue graduate studies within the subject of physical chemistry. You are expected to carry out advanced research in colloid and surface chemistry and to broaden your perspective and knowledge of physical chemistry by taking relevant graduate courses.

Rules governing PhD candidates are set out in the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 5, §§ 1-7 and in Uppsala University's goals and rules.

PhD students with employment in our department are normally expected to teach and participate in general departmental work, such as instrument maintenance, to a level corresponding to a maximum of 20% of the employment time. You can read more about how it is to be a post graduate student with us here. 


To qualify for the current PhD position, you must have at least 240 credits (hp), or an equivalent basic university education, with at least 90 credits in chemistry and physics. At least 60 credits must be at the advanced level.  

It is desired that you have a science Master´s degree in chemistry, or similar experience acquired at, for example, a pharmacy or engineering program. Strong knowledge in physical chemistry is required. Documented knowledge and experience concerning colloid and surface chemistry and, in particular, self-assembled lipid and surfactant systems, is considered advantageous.

To be employed as a PhD student, you must be accepted in the postgraduate program. Information concerning doctoral education, requirements and rules of admission can be found here and the study plan for postgraduate studies in physical chemistry can be found here.

We place great emphasis on your personal qualifications. You need to have a strong motivation for the research project and to be able to contribute with creative ideas. This project requires that you are able to work independently, but also that you have excellent collaborative skills, as the project demands that you interact and work with scientists from other research groups. You also need good language skills in English in order to be able to interact and publish internationally. Levels corresponding to IELTS: overall mark of 6.5 and no section below 5.5; TOEFL: Paper-based: Score of 4.5 (scale 1-6) in written test and a total score of 575, internet-based: Score of 20 (scale 0-30) in written test and a total score of 90; Cambridge: CAE, CPE are acceptable.

Uppsala University values the qualities that even gender distribution and diversity add to the organization. We therefore welcome applicants of all genders, and with different birth background and life experience.

Criteria for ranking

The ranking of applicants will be based on undergraduate grades,

on the undergraduate education profile and on any additional experience of research in areas of relevance for the research project. Such additional experience should be demonstrated and included in your application, e.g. through articles published in international peer-reviewed journals or by employment at companies or other institutions active in the field of research. High emphasis will also be put on personal qualifications required for the project.

In filling this position, we aim to recruit the person who, in a combined evaluation of competence, skills and documented qualifications, is judged most suitable to carry out and develop the project-in-hand and to contribute to a positive development of the department of chemistry. Interviews will be conducted with the top candidates either in place at the Department or by electronic means.

Your application

Your application must include a personal letter with a short description of yourself and the reasons why you are interested in the position. You must also include a CV, authorized copies of degrees and diplomas, copies of your bachelor or master thesis and other documents, such as publications, that you want to provide. Names and contact details of at least two scientists that have offered to act as references for you must also be included, with a clear indication of their relationship to you.

For further information about the position please contact Katarina Edwards (e-mail:, telephone: +46 18 471 3668 ).

Pay: According to local agreement for PhD students and teaching assistants.


Starting: Will be agreed upon, temporary position

Working hours: 100%

You are welcome to submit your application no later than 10-08-2017, UFV-PA 2017/3215.

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