Postdoc position: Biological invasions, functional traits and resilience of invaded aquatic ecosy...

Wageningen University & Research
September 13 2017
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Full Time
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Biological invasions are globally occurring at an accelerated rate and are seen as a serious threat to biodiversity, native species, and ecosystem functioning in general. Until now most studies are aiming at understanding the ecology, genetics and evolution of invading species in order to understand their invasion success. However, even when invasions are successful they differ in their impact on the receiving ecosystems, ranging from complete extirpation of native species to 'naturalisation' of the alien invasive without apparent negative effects on the ecosystem (from low to high resilience). To date, little attention has been paid to understanding the response and resilience of receiving ecosystems and if and how native species can potentially cope with invasions by adapting to the invaders. The aim of this 1-year postdoctoral project is to start developing a novel perspective on biological invasions by focussing on the resilience of receiving ecosystems, considering: 1) the properties of the receiving ecosystems, 2) adaptations of native species and 3) the functional genomic modifications underlying these adaptations. In this project we focus on invasions of freshwater gobies across Europe. More specifically, the postdoc will organize and lead a 1-month field expedition across Europe to collect preliminary data and use this data to develop several research grant applications.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess