The University of Agder
September 13 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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The University of Agder invites applications for one full-time, fixed-term appointment as Postdoctoral Research Fellows in Information and Communication Technology for a period of two years, with possible contract extension. This position is currently located in Grimstad, Norway. The starting date is as soon as possible or to be negotiated with the faculty.

The herein announced position will be part of a recently established Lab, namely, the Intelligent Signal Processing & Wireless Networks (WISENET) Lab, whose activities span across both the Department of Information and Communication Technology and the Department of Engineering. The WISENET Lab has a strong expertise in a range of areas, among them Data Analytics, In-Network Processing and Distributed Intelligence, Wireless Communications, Networked Cyber-Physical Systems and Embedded Systems, having led a number of large research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway, the EU research Programmes FP7 and H2020, as well as national and international industries. The WISENET Lab is now in full expansion phase, having at the present seven PhD students and four postdoctoral researchers, working on different cutting-edge research projects such as FRIPRO TOPPFORSK, SFI, PETROMAKS and INFRASTRUCTURE Projects, among others. The WISENET Lab is committed to achieving international research excellence, please see the notes about prospective postdoctoral researchers at WISENET ( ) before applying. The research environment is interdisciplinary and involves collaboration with industrial partners. The research in WISENET features a wide scope, with part of the researchers focused on theoretical research and algorithm development and another part focused on prototyping with real hardware.

The vision of a postdoctoral research position is as an intermediate step in the research career following the completion of a PhD degree and preceding a faculty position in a university. For this reason, the WISENET Lab is committed to offer the suitable environment and activities that allow the postdoctoral researcher to (i) consolidate her/his research maturity, (ii) develop her/his teaching and advising skills, and (iii) build up a solid resume that facilitates her/his incorporation to the academia as an assistant or associate professor.

This postdoctoral position will be offered in the areas of user-driven wireless heterogeneous networks, in-network distributed graph signal processing, flexible spectrum management, and collective intelligence. Special attention will be devoted to the impact in several applications, such as communications in crowded and highly populated scenarios as well as emergency management.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess