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September 12 2017
Life Sciences, Biology
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The School of Food and Nutritional Sciences has a long established international reputation as a centre of excellence in Food and Nutritional Research. It has highly experienced and qualified researchers in these areas and has been very productive in co-ordinating and participating in many national and international research projects. The School collaborates with other universities and research institutes both nationally and internationally in publicly funded research and development projects.

The ‘ReValue Protein' project is an ambitious collaborative multi-partner project which aims to deliver short to medium term exploitation opportunities to the meat industry. The objectives of this project revolve around recovery of high value protein from the meat processing chain. Enterprise Ireland (2008) estimated that 263 kg/head of ‘secondary by-products' is generated per beef animal processed. This represents a significant cost, as well as an opportunity foregone. Many of the secondary by-products are protein rich materials including edible offal, tendons, etc. which are currently sold to low value markets, as well as components that could be upgraded to food, pharma/biomedical grade. This project aims to recover these proteins in a format that is appropriate for downstream applications and to assess their functionality. The successful candidate will primarily be responsible for carrying out research in defined tasks within the project and contribute to the dissemination of these results through project meetings, industry workshops, scientific conferences, technical bulletins and scientific publications. Candidates should have a MSc in Food Science or a related area and relevant laboratory based research experience in the area of protein chemistry, meat science and analytical food chemistry is desirable.

Post duration: 11 months

Salary: €21,459-€33,930 p.a. (IUA Salary Scale)

Project title: Exploration of Irish meat processing streams for recovery of high value protein based ingredients for food and non-food users.

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