Physics and Astrophysics of primary and secondary galactic cosmic rays and evolution of solar ene...

Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo - Dip. di Scienze Pure e Applicate (DISPEA) - Urbino
September 12 2017
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LISA-PF is the mission dedicated to the technology testing of the instruments meant to be placed aboard the first interferometer devoted to gravitational wave detection in space: LISA. A particle monitors the integral flux of cosmic rays of galactic and solar origin above 70 MeV n-1 at a frequency of 0.067 Hz. After the LISA Pathfinder mission end, the work on LISA will begin. The work on the data analysis of LISA Pathfinder will end and the work carried out for LISA Pathfinder on the test-mass charging will be repeated for LISA. A proper study of the solar energetic particle event variations over two degrees in longitude (over the three LISA satellites) and over 20 degrees (between LISA and Earth) will be considered. Various aspects of the high-energy astroparticle physics that may involve astrophysical sources of gravitational waves will be also investigated on LISA.

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