Hot-electrons in self-organised plasmonic metasurfaces coupled to semiconducting MoS2 nanosheets:...

Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Energia
September 12 2017
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The research aims at studying the ultrafast dynamics of physical processes due to optical excitation in systems composed by thin layers of bi-dimesional MoS2 coupled to metallic plasmonic nanostructured substrates, for photovoltaics. An experimental setup for ultrafast spectroscopy based on laser pulses of tens of fs in duration, tuneable on a wide spectral range, will be used. The collection of data will be followed by a detailed analysis for the explanation of the photo-physical processes.

Both the dynamics of photo-generated carriers in thin layers of MoS2 and the dynamics of plasmon processes of nanostructured gold systems will be studied. Finally systems composed by MoS2 deposited on plasmonic substrates will be investigated.

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