Qingdao University

I. Profile of Qingdao University

Qingdao University is located in Qingdao, a famous historic and cultural city which is at the back of Fushan and faces the Yellow Sea. It carries forward profound traditional culture and is alive with the spirit of the times. As a key comprehensive university in Shandong Province, our school has three campuses in Fushan, Jinjialing, and Songshan separately, which cover a building area of 1,089,700 square meters out of a floor space of 2,715 mu. We have fixed asset of 2.76 billion Yuan. Besides, our libraries have 3,955,600 volumes of books and electronic books of 1,369,000 volumes. We also have 7 academic journals under our management and have 34 colleges and 102 undergraduate majors, including such 11 disciplines as Literature, History, Philosophy, Natural Science, Engineering, Medical Science, Economics, Management, Law, Pedagogy, Art and so on. Now we have nine postdoctoral research stations, seven first-level discipline doctoral programs and 47 second-level doctoral programs which involve ten first-level disciplines. We also have 31 first-level discipline master programs and 175 second-level master programs, which involve 40 first-level disciplines. Our school offers one type of doctoral degree that covers 17 fields of cultivation as well as 21 master degrees that cover 79 fields of cultivation. Such three disciplines as clinical Medicine, Engineering Science and Chemistry rank among the top 1% of the ESI list. Furthermore, such two first-level disciplines as System Science as well as Textile Science and Engineering rank among the top ten national first-level disciplines of the Ministry of Education.

Our school has 46,000 internal students, including over 9,600 graduate students, over 35,000 undergraduates and over 1,600 overseas students. We have 3,842 faculty members, including 2,505 full-time teachers, 364 of which have senior technical titles and 734 of which have deputy senior technical titles. Moreover, our school has two key disciplines of the State and 20 key disciplines of Shandong Province.  

Now all the members of Qingdao University are shouldering new social responsibility and historical mission, adhering to the school motto of “good virtue, erudition, integrity and novelty”, and following the theory on school management of “cultivation by centering on students, running school by centering on teachers, management by centering on service and development by centering on innovation”, in order to emancipate ideas, deepen reform, keep connotation development, develop with characteristics, strive to be the first rate and turn our school into a high-level university of international renown.

II. Scope of recruitment

The talents to be introduced by our school extend to cover academician, chair professor, specially-appointed professor (level V to level I), outstanding youth, and young doctors. If an applicant achieves the performance of related level of school talents, he or she is entitled to the rich remuneration, research initiation fund, housing subsidy and subsidy of buying house, etc. Refer to our school website for the detailed treatment requirements for talents and treatment.     

III. Employment procedure and materials

An applicant shall download the Application Form of Qingdao University for Employment of Staff and the Verification of Performance of New Staff from the human resource website of Qingdao University (http://rlzy.qdu.edu.cn/index.htm) and fill them out. Besides, he or she shall send them along with the copy of related academic degree and diploma, the copy of ID card and the evidentiary material of academic achievements to the email (qddxrsc@163.com) of the Human Resource Department of Qingdao University.  

IV. Contact message

Mailing address: Human Resource Department of Qingdao University No. 308 Ningxia Road, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

Zip code: 266071

School website: www.qdu.edu.cn

Consultation Tel.: +86-0532-85951142   +86-0532-85955849

Fax: +86-0532-85953161

Contact person: Jiang Junkai; Ji Chaobin       

The list of positions can be found at: http://www.edu.cn/jiao_shi_pin_dao/gediqu/huadongbei/shandong/201703/t20170330_1502935.shtml