Modelling and control of the space debris population and satellite constellations

Politecnico di Milano - Dip. Scienze e Tecnologie Aerospaziali
September 12 2017
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Space benefits mankind through the services it provides to Earth. Future space activities progress

thanks to space transfer and are safeguarded by space situation awareness. Natural orbit perturbations

are responsible for the trajectory divergence from the nominal two-body problem, increasing the

requirements for orbit control; whereas, in space situation awareness, they influence the orbit evolution

of space debris that could cause hazard to operational spacecraft and near Earth objects that may

intersect the Earth. However, this project proposes to leverage the dynamics of natural orbit

perturbations to significantly reduce current extreme high mission cost and create new opportunities for

space exploration and exploitation. The COMPASS project will bridge over the disciplines of orbital

dynamics, dynamical systems theory, optimisation and space mission design by developing novel

techniques for orbit manoeuvring by “surfing” through orbit perturbations.

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