Metabolic pathways and bone regeneration

KU Leuven
September 12 2017
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Full Time
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To substantially expand the Prometheus platform, made possible through recently obtained grants, we are hiring highly motivated, enthusiastic post-doctoral researchers with the following profile: Prometheus is a translational platform in the field of regenerative medicine. To achieve this, it integrates and advances the scientific and technological knowledge of its partners. This unique transdisciplinary team organizes its activities on the scientific, industrial-technical and preclinical level to develop robust and clinically relevant tissue engineering approaches for skeletal applications.

The Prometheus platform runs 4 integrated programs:

(i) fundamental science related to stem cells, mechanisms of action and 3D tissue creation

(ii) Translation of scientific findings into manufacturing processes, upscaling, quality and safety

(iii) Clinical translation: creation of blue prints for the clinical implementation of a cartilage and bone TE therapy.

(iv) Development of enabling technologies (computer modeling, imaging, bioreactors, sensing) providing a strong added value and competitive advantage to the other three programs

These four programs are divided into several research tracks that are coordinated by PIs/experts in the field and are supported by a broad technology platform and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The researcher will focus on investigating the nutrient requirements and metabolic characteristics of different skeletal cells, as our recent data show that these properties are critical for survival, fate and function of cells implanted in critical size bone defects. Advanced metabolic analyses on primary skeletal cell types will be combined with state-of-the-art cell biological and molecular assays. The importance of the identified metabolic pathways for bone regeneration will be validated by genetic or pharmacological approaches in in vitro models and in preclinical mouse bone repair models. The knowledge gathered may then serve as a blueprint for the development of innovative therapeutic approaches for bone regeneration. There will be close interaction with the other teams of the Prometheus platform and with other researchers in the bone biology and cell metabolism field.

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