The protection of fragmented work between labour and social security law

Università degli studi di Ferrara - Dip. Giurisprudenza
September 12 2017
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Teaching activities will concern topics and issues covered by Labour Law and Social Security Law (SSD IUS/07 according to the Italian classification of scientific and disciplinary sectors). The research will be focus on de iure condito and de iure condendo profiles of protection of workers in its current dimension,

starting from the social and economic situation that requires appropriate techniques of legal qualification and regulation. The issues of contractual and social weakness make porous the borders between worker and citizen as deserving subjects, which proposes questions about the investigation concerning the better coordination of labour and social security protection.

Deep attention will be devoted on solidarity,

researching its translation in meaningful legal elements and the instruments to implement its requests. Labour and social security area will be studied jointly, in their interaction, both in domestic and European Union legal orders

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