Behavioral biology of fish

Università degli studi di Ferrara - Dip. Scienze della Vita e Biotecnologie
September 12 2017
Life Sciences, Biology
Position Type
Full Time
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The selected candidate will be involved in one or more teaching activity (SSD BIO/05) in the Degree courses in Biology, Biotechnology, Biomolecular Sciences and Evolution, Biotechnology of the Environment and Health.

The selected candidate will be involved in the design and the development of experimental research activities of international relevance related to the study of fish behavior in laboratory and in natural environments. Specifically, the selected candidate will conduct studies aimed at developing new methodologies to investigate the temporal organization of behavior and the sensory perception of environmental variables related to cognitive responses. The selected candidate will develop novel zoological and ethological skills during the implementation of the project. It is also expected that the selected candidate will be involved in scientific design activities, including fund raising activities

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