Ca' Foscari University of Venice - Research fellowship for specific project:The influence of habi...

September 11 2017
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The study of coastal and transitional water ecosystems recently focused on a broad-scale approach, allowing to take into account the complexity of whole seascapes and to evaluate the relationships between the distribution of nekton fauna and the habitat mosaic characteristics. Coastal lagoons are affected by multiple anthropogenic pressures that make them particularly threatened by habitat loss and subsequent depletion of the associated nekton assemblages. Restoration schemes are therefore critical for preserving ecological functionality, for biodiversity conservation and resource management in transitional waters. The objective of the research project is to employ a seascape approach to investigate the influence of habitat mosaic on nekton assemblage in the Venice lagoon. The research aims at evaluating the potential applications of such an approach to the planning and designing of restoration schemes for nekton fauna and to the lagoon management at the waterbody-scale

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