Endoscopical and radiological assessment of IBD: a step forward toward personalized medicine

Università degli Studi
September 11 2017
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Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are both chronic inflammatory bowel disease, different in terms of inflammation features. In UC, being the distribution uniform in aboral sense and limited to the mucosa, endoscopy is sufficient for assessment. Conversely, due to its possible patchy location in any intestinal segment between the mouth and the anus, the full thickness wall involvement and complications, CD evaluation requires a multidisciplinary assessment. A correct inflammation staging guides therapy and disease course; therapeutic goals have recently gone beyond clinical remission, moving through endoscopic, clinical, biologic and imaging data; it is still unclear which is their exact sequence and combination, particularly after initial diagnosis. Aim of study will be to study the role of endoscopy, MRI and biologic markers in evaluating CD disease activity and severity and when and how to perform them.

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