Rest-task psychodynamic interaction and personality. Insula and narcissism in relation with the r...

Università degli Studi
September 11 2017
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Full Time
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It remains a crucial issue whether intrinsic brain activity and personality features, both associated with the self, provide an internal predisposition for the neuronal processing of external social stimuli. The project aims to perform fMRI research that combines a resting state and a task requiring social interactions to investigate how spontaneous activity of the brain and individual differences in personality shape task-induced activity. The project will specifically focus on narcissistic features as marker of interpersonal functioning. It aims to integrate clinical psychology and neuroscientificc research considering how the rest-self overlap regions and particularly the insula, an important hub of the salience network, interact, together with individual differences in personality in the two experimental conditions (rest-fMRI and task-fMRI).

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