Transformations of politics and neopatrimonialims. An empirical research in Calabria and Tuscany.

Università della Calabria - Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali
September 11 2017
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The research aims to deepen scientific knowledge about a trend of phenomena concerning political transformations during the last decades: we refer to process of power personalization and of personalization of politics. The research will focus attention on neopatrimonialism, both as a trend of phenomena and as an interpretative category. The main objective is to explore the spread of neopatrimonial practices within public and private administration and to investigate heuristic potentialities and limits of the analytic category. The research project aims to observe the emerging of forms of re-patrimonialisation, such as those practices referred to the re-proposition of forms of personalism, to the separation between the sphere of office and the private one, to the personal use of public resources, to exchanges based on vertical relationships and bonds of dependency. The empirical and comparative research will be carried out into two Italian regions which are Calabria and Toscana

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