Managing editor Cochrane

AMC Medical Research
September 11 2017
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Full Time
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Gathering evidence to guide medical decision making is pivotal in modern day medicine. The Cochrane collaboration aims to perform systematic reviews and meta-analysis across all fields of medicine and Cochrane reviews are considered important landmarks in medical literature. Trusted evidence, informed decisions, better health. Authors, reviewers and methodologists act together with central offices at various locations across the globe to produce Cochrane reviews. The Cochrane Gynecology and Fertility Group is based in Auckland, New Zealand and we have recently initiated a satellite group at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. For the Amsterdam Cochrane Gynecology and Fertility Group we are now hiring a managing editor who will work with our local coordinating editor and the editors in Auckland

The managing editor will conduct the following:

  • Planning and coordination of new review protocols, reviews and updates in collaboration with the group in Auckland, New Zealand

  • Check all data provided by authors for consistency and if necessary correct and adjust the data and text in order to maintain high quality reviews

  • Coordinate the review process with all external reviewers and guide them through Cochrane policies, procedures and software.

  • Data entry in the Cochrane online platform Archie.

  • Act as primary contact for a set of reviews

  • Co-develop the Gynaecology and Fertility Group website

    Provide input on how to further improve Cochrane reviews and their impact on medical care in the field of gynecology and fertility

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess