PhD candidate in Virus Discovery and Orphan Viruses

AMC Medical Research
September 11 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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We are offering a position at the Laboratory for Experimental Virology within the Virus Discovery group. The project will focus on orphan viruses, an extremely diverse group of viruses that infect a host, yet are not known to be associated with disease. A swarm of these orphan viruses is found within the Anelloviridae family. The long co-existence of humans and anelloviruses suggests that these viruses are beneficial to their host. Whether these viruses are indeed part of a healthy virome, and whether disturbances of the healthy virome leads to disease will be the subject of the PhD project. The PhD candidate will investigate orphan viruses during human life, using next generation sequencing (Ion Torrent/Illumina) and the VIDISCA library generation technique, a method to study diverse virus families. Further investigation of virus-host interactions will be done via virus culture, using molecular and biological cloned anelloviruses.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess