Postdoc in experimental evolution of antibiotic resistance

Wageningen University & Research
September 11 2017
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Full Time
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Plasmid-mediated antimicrobial resistance (pAMR) occurs in both humans and animals and requires One-health solutions, which include a holistic approach integrating veterinary, medical and environmental disciplines. The transfer dynamics of pAMR depend on ecological and evolutionary processes in the microbiota of the host. A consortium of Utrecht University (UU) and Wageningen University (WU) will study the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of pAMR in gut microbiota of chickens using mathematical modelling and experiments in the project, entitled "Microbiome Invasion and Transmission of plasmid-mediated Antimicrobial Resistance" (MITAR), supported by a grant of ZonMW.

We are seeking a motivated postdoctoral candidate, who wants to contribute to our fundamental understanding of the ecology and evolution of pAMR with an eye for application of the results to obtain better interventions and risk analyses. Tasks of the candidate include in vitro experiments to estimate key model parameters, including fitness cost of plasmid carriage, dynamics of compensatory evolution for these costs and transfer rate of the plasmid to other members of the chicken microbiome. The candidate will work at the Laboratory of Genetics at WU in close collaboration with a PhD student responsible for the modelling and in vivo experiments at UU. The project will be supervised by Prof Arjan de Visser (WU), Dr Mark Zwart (NIOO), Dr Egil Fischer (UU) and Prof Arjan Stegeman (UU).

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