Fracture, Flow & Reactive Transport in Carbonate Reservoirs

Delft University of Technology
September 11 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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The PhD position we are offering is part of the CarbFrac project, an initiative supported by the Dutch government with the participation of industry partners. The main object of the project is to further our understanding of the mechanical and fluid flow behaviour of fractured carbonate reservoirs, both for hydrocarbons and geothermics. In past years, we have developed deep knowledge of geometry and properties of fracture networks in outcrops (Applied Geology), the mechanical behaviour of multilayer rocks (Applied Geophysics and Petrophysics) and advanced modelling of flow (Petroleum Engineering). With the CarbFrac project we aim to take the next step and investigate multiscale fluid-rock interactions in fractured carbonate reservoirs. Such interactions are key for the understanding of dissolution and cementation patterns, widely seen as one of the most important challenges in the hydrocarbon and geothermal industry. The new PhD candidate will fit into a very dynamic environment with more than four PhD candidates working on related topics at the TU Delft, including outcrop analysis, rock mechanical deformation, and numerical modelling, and with 2-3 PhD candidates working in the Department of Structural Engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven, our partner in this research endeavour.

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